I've been very busy lately. The second of July I went with my oldest daughter's family to Canobie Lake Park in NH. We finally had the youngest ready to ride a real rollercoaster when BAM a monsoon hit. I kid you not. It took about a half an hour to pass but the rain came down sideways and the wind was strong enough to take down tree branches. The wooden rollercoaster was closed for the rest of the day as it rained sporadically but never like that again.

We bought rain ponchos and went on the water rides. When in Rome, right? The Boston Tea Party is a flume type ride that drops you a few stories and the wall of water it puts up stays suspended in front of you for just a second and then crashes down on top of everyone. The wall of water has to be 25 or 30 feet high. The rain ponchos didn't help much. It went down my neck and up my armholes and then my feet weren't protected at all. It was a lot of fun.

The next day was the 3rd of July and if you want to see what it's like at white horse beach click HERE. I made 30 red white and blue large adult Hula Hoops and tried to sell them off my front lawn. Not one sold. I was so disappointed. But I also had about a bazillion drop by guests. Well not exactly a bazillion but 12ish or so. What a difference from when my Ex was around packing every disgusting drunk he could find on my front lawn. I used to get a port-a-potty and lock the door and leave. I adore the 3rd now. We had one group of rich guys get together and they hired a pro to set off 6000 dollars worth of fireworks. He had them all fused to each other on 8 sheets of plywood and it took about 30 minutes to set them all off with one after another and sometimes on top if each other going up. It was like the finale at a professional town fireworks. It's all totally illegal but the police can't arrest all the thousands that show up so unless you're being rowdy they look the other way.

The 4th was our family picnic and that was nice too although it wasn't quite hot enough to go swimming and have it be refreshing but there's always the hot tub and fishing. I swear my brother lives on a pond with the healthiest eco system I've ever seen. There are abundant fish, turtles and birds and it's peaceful just to sit there on his three tiered deck overlooking the water.

The 5th was a birthday party for the husband of a friend of mine and that was fun too but I got to tell you that by then it was 4 days in a row of partying and so the 6th when Fred said, "So what's up for today?" I replied, "Sitting on my arse and doing laundry" and that's exactly what we did.

More has happened. I cleaned my first cottage and started baby sitting the grandkids but that's long enough for a separate entry. But right now I'm packing to go to Martha's Vineyard tomorrow until Tuesday. It's Fred's first time there and I think we're going to take a professional bus tour to show him an over view of the island. Then we'll decide where to go and what to do. It has 5 lighthouses. That's the most in a single area in the country, so maybe when it rains Monday we'll go sight see them. I'll let you know but there's no internet in our time share (it's my Mom's and she let us have the unrented time for free! Yaay!) So come back next week. Wednesdayish.

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July 4th