Iím in Nova Scotia Canada. You can follow Fred and me here:

http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?call=KA1CQD-12 the icon is a green jeep type thing.

We took the Cat http://www.catferry.com/the-ship/phototour.php from Portland Maine to Yarmouth Nova Scotia in Canada. It goes like a bat out of hell! It can go 55 but thatís flat out, I think we went about 40 to 45 mph for 5 & Ĺ hours which pretty much computes to 200 to 250 miles by sea. It had a casino, 4 movie screens, each playing a different double feature (one is childrens movies only) Three snack bars that serve up pot roast to wraps to pizza and burgers. There is a rear outdoors observation/ smoking seat which shows the fantastic wake with all the sound and spray and fury of that kind of speed. The rest is all viewtastic, panoramic seating. We saw two whales and a few dolphins. It was a great experience although I think Fred had a touch of the dizzies from some open sea rollers.

When we landed we drove 4 hours to King NS to our hotel and tomorrow I go to nearby Minas Basin to watch the Bay of Fundy. Fundy has the most extreme tides in the world, rising almost 55 feet and being a mud flat at low tide 6 hours later. This I have to see! (at least one extreme and watch it rise/fall almost 10 feet an hour afterwards.)

After that we drive about 8 hours to my first look at the property that I am 1/3rd owner of. Three hundred acres and an old homestead are there. The last time I was there was 1961 and I was nine years old. I remember waiting in line for the one holer outhouse and pulling up buckets of well water to prime that hand pump at the sink in the kitchen which had a wood burning kitchen stove.

This time I have a bathroom with running water and electricity. YAAY!

And bats in the attic (one is named radar) and squirrels (I was told to leave a radio running) and mice. Outside I may see deer and Moose and bear (and snakes!)

Itís a mixed blessing but if you take the beauty of upper state NY and mix it with New Hampshireís rocky beauty and envision the population of upper Maine you get an idea of the beauty of the place. If you arenít on one of the coasts then you are on a dirt road trying to cross to the width of NS to get to the opposite coastline.

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Nova Scotia