Day 4

Day 4 we went to Hershey Park Pennsylvania and the most surprising thing was the fact that we spent about 4 hours OUTSIDE the park before we ever set foot inside it. They have this thing called Chocolate World outside the entrance of the park. It has a ride that explains chocolate making and a 3D movie with lots of entertaining special effects done with a Danny Devito (sp?) voice over. Then we went to a chocolate tasting event and then a trolley tour that illustrated Hershey’s rise to fame.

If I ever get rich I want to emulate Mr. Hershey. How many people pray for money and promise God they will do good with it and then actually make good on the deal? What has Trump done for people besides a ridiculous TV show known for its meanness and a bad hair cut? How many young wives has he thrown away?

Well Hershey, on the other hand, opened a school for orphaned boys. It seems that way back when that girls where welcomed with open arms as household help but boys not so much. This school exists to this day helping not only boys but girls too and not just orphans .. any under privileged child qualifies. He left his entire fortune to it at his death. Not only that but during the depression he funded the building of buildings and not one person lost their job due to the depression. He floated a whole town and became his own WPA, funding his own public works during one of the most financially desperate times this country ever knew.

Now THAT’S a MAN!!!!

Anyways after that we went to the Hershey Park Zoo and *then* we finally went into Hershey Park proper. Man O’ Man it was SUPER! What a time! Fred and I raced roller coasters taking one coaster rail called Lightning against another twin coaster rail named Thunder. We won! Yaay!

It’s the 100th anniversary of the park and they opened a huge boardwalk water park to celebrate. We had a blast although we didn’t get wet. They have a soaker coaster. What a laugh that thing was to watch!

But by 10 we were tired and we needed to get up and get out by 9AM the next morning so we left. The next day was supposed to be a boring driving day but it was anything but by accident. Tell ya later all about it!

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Day 4