I know that itís been awhile since I posted but here I sit on my daughterís back porch with my laptop and I am at peace. It occurred to me that I should be just as diligent recording the good times as the bad. I should write even though Iím not spewing my misery all over the internet anymore. I donít need an outlet for my unhappiness anymore but I should still record the good times because I have found that nothing lasts forever. For instance, with a few years distance I have come to the conclusion that my Ex did love me in the beginning and look how we ended up. I expected the world to stop spinning before he would leave me/us but those last few years were pure misery. I wish I had a record of the fun times, the good times but I started journaling near the end of us and it was too late, but itís not too late for Fred and me.

So back to the present. I sit here with my grandchildren and in two days weíve logged 8 hours in the new 24 foot above ground pool my daughter put in her back yard. Their CCD classes are over and we are free to while away the hours as the mermaids of the waterfall defending the rubber ducky from the evil wizard (who is my grandson who throws toy torpedos at us). The evil wizard decided he wanted to be good and be of the land of waterfalls too so we married him and turned him to good but he fell from grace and torpedoed us again so we had to divorce him and let him go his evil way.

Today my grandson is working a half day for his grandfather on his fatherís side who owns a garage. He likes getting paid and being one of the guys but only after a 10AM swim as an evil wizard in the pool and of course, lunch.

And of course there is Fred to write about too. Our trip to Marthaís Vineyard was so much fun with a car available. I have a real feel for the island now that I donít think I got from just hanging around Oak Bluffs near the ferries. Our first night there we both came down with some bug but we managed to get in a bus tour before it hit and the next day we were both fine again. We visited all the towns and found a great bar with a deck overhanging the water in Edgartown. Now that weíve seen the sights together the next time weíll relax and hit the beaches. But believe it or not the Black Dog Restaurant, expensive as it is, does not know how to prepare steamers. I think thereís better eating on the Cape. But when youíre a native you get real picky about your clams, steamed or fried, so maybe Iím biased.

Otherwise I am basking in contentment preparing for a camping trip in August with my daughter and the other inlaws. I donít have to even clean that ladies cottage anymore that I was going to do once a week for spending money of my own. I did it once and she fired me! Her mother came and said she found a bottle cap under a couch and said I didnít dust. Well I did dust. I made three beds, vacuumed a rug, washed three floors, a shower, a toilet that was black with mold, cleaned a refrigerator inside and out along with a stove and a sink and some dishes and then she cheated me and let me go and didnít pay me. I feel like I was scammed or something. I will never know if I was cheated or she really believed the things she wrote me.

The good thing is that I have Fred who really will take care of me and I am safe even from idiots (or maybe a thief) like that. I donít have to worry. I am safe.

Well, Iím off to the dentistís for a cleaning. Even that will go ok even though I need to bring the two girls with me because they behave well in public. Itís at home that they kill each other Ö actually itís been quiet for awhile now. I better check!

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