Thank you for all the explanations I received yesterday. It really clarified things and made Art's move to San Fran more Art's decision which relieved me although I didn't like him leaving what I considered a safe place with at least a few contacts that could have helped him out here and there. In any case I hereby drop it.

Today Fred and I are over scheduled for every minute of the day and night. We've already run errands and now we ar egoing to see an amatuer radio event at the Scituate Harbor Lighthouse.

We get back from that about 3ish and meet Fred's friends, a couple I adore. They are both so very nice. You know one of the first ten posts I made back at the old journal was a lament that the Ex and I had no mutual couple friends. The couples he knew were disgusting and I had no interest in cultivating them as friends and sharing my time with them, This is such a refereshing change in my life.

I know I bring up the Ex alot, probably more than I should in front of him too. But when everything is so much better by contrast how can you NOT mention it? It makes me so happy to have Fred introduce me to nice people with morals and jobs and interests instead of the neighborhood drunks and crackheads. I can embrace thsi instead of getting into my defensive posture.

Anyways we're going to see Susan Tedeschi play with her husband Derek Trucks (an Allman brothers member). It's going to be all blues all the time tonight and at the Cape Cod Music Tent we have seats that leave us in the vicinity of ten feet from the stage. Do people still squee? Because this makes me feel like I need to. SQUEE!

So I'm off with Fred. Toasted Almond coffee in hand.

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