The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel/Bridge was magnificent! What an experience! Followed by the Lewes/Cape May ferry it was a hard day to beat.

The Bridge is just something that has to be experienced. It can hardly be explained. It's just too big.

It has a fishing pier!

You go in tunnels while tons of HUGE boats travel over you! It has a restaurant!

The ferry though is a party boat with a band and a Lido deck with a big bar! The waves get a little rocky and things get interesting.

I don't think Fred knew I was such a shutterbug. So many things between us are new. I am different from his Ex. He is different from mine. So many knee jerk responses have to be reprogrammed on both our sides. It's hell starting over after 30 years with someone else but we've made a great start with this vacation!

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Day 12