This is going to be a quick post. I don't know what possessed me to want to be in a demolition derby but this is alot of work!

I smashed out all the windows (no glass), removed all the lights and plastic light shields along with the plastic bumper covers (no plastic). I removed the carpet (fire hazard) and my brother came and put a fire hazard hole in the hood because the hood and trunk will be chained down in three places each as well as the doors chained closed. I removed all unnecessary fuses (wipers, lights AC etc.) and I am signed up for the demo derby of friday 8-22-08 at the Marshfield fair. I've told everyone I know to come watch me so I don't chicken out.

The thing is, is that I leave tomorrow for a week in New Hampshire camping with Fred and my daughter and her in laws. I am treading lightly with them and will spend most of my time with Fred or relaxing unless explicitly asked to join whatever is happening. If you wonder why read the previous post.

But this means that when I get back I have just two days to finish the car because I babysit Tues and Wed and there is alot still to go before I'm finished with just the bare minimums, never mind reinforcements that are legal, such as tack welding the driver's door or putting a metal case around the battery or reinforcing some transmission link (I don't know what it means but my brother does).

I'm a little pissed because the weather will be better at home than on vacation but we're going to let the Jeep climb Mt Washington and get one of those bumper stickers that says "This car climbed Mount Washington" and we might go on the Cog Railway and we will stay at Adventure Suites in the special Sugar Shack Room with a heart shaped hot tub. Then on to Maine to see a friend of his.

So I will post as I find Wi-Fi but I have no idea when.

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