Just to let you know I *am* reading but it's a speed read.

We got home on the 13th day, Saturday and had Sunday to go to my youngest granddaughter's birthday party (she' 7 now). We took her school shopping at the mall. I went a little overboard but am happy I could do it.

Monday I woke up and went to a week of school for my Security+ certification. Finally! A subject that was interesting to me! This has been my favorite class.

Now the icky news:
My finger didn't heal just right and he wants to reset it and put in a pin. Another three weeks of casts.

The good news?
Tonight we leave for Steam Town in PA to take my grandson to see the steam trains. He's been nuts for them since he was a little tyke.

Well, gotta go get an EKG for the surgery. I guess they actually put you out. That'll suck. My body hates anesthesia and I need to baby sit the kids the next day.

I am alive but busy as heck (and Boxx youll get another postcard from steam town!)

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August 10