What a bright, beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too humid, just right at about 70 degrees in the shade and upper 70's in the full sun. I am ready for fall. I was always a summer person but as I age I am liking cooler and less harsh weather. Yup, I've become a fall person.

Fred and I camped and the first two days it rained like Noah was coming again. The third day was off and on drizzle but we saw the sun and managed to get to the arcades at Weir's beach for some pinball. Neither of us is a wizard. But the fourth and final day camping at Lake Winni we took a trip on the MV Sophie, the mail boat to the islands of Lake Winnipesaukee. It lands at so many of them and you get an up close view of the residents. Since it also is the ice cream boat you get to see plenty of kids too! The weather was outstanding and so was the boat ride. We ended with lunch on the pier at Weir's Beach.

The next day we had to check out and we had made plans to go to Conway and get a room at Adventure Suites. We were in the Sugar Shack. It was so much fun having a heart shaped Jacuzzi! I think the next time I want to try the Victorian Room. It has a dry sauna and a steam shower.

While we were waiting to check in we decided to take the Cog Railway up Mount Washington. On the way up we saw Lake of the Clouds, a new lodge run by the Appalachian Club. It looks nice enough to almost convince me to hike 6,000 feet up to get to it, .. almost.

The next day we shopped at the Outlets at North Conway. I gave Fred a choice of kayaking on the Saco River or shopping, hoping that kayaking would win, but he chose to sulk through shopping instead. He ended up with a nice pair of shoes out of it though.

Then it was off to spend a night at his friend's house in Maine. They're nice and I loved the visit. We brought a nice peach pie from a bakery we passed and some homemade moon pies. Their three girls loved them!

The next day we drove about six hours to get home (avoiding toll roads) and then I spent three hours in the emergency room on top of that. You see I kept hitting a tent peg with my right ankle when we were tenting and my foot swelled up. I mostly ignore such stuff and just drag it around until it gets better but my daughter, the nurse, kept saying "I think the swelling is traveling up your leg. You could have a blood clot!!" until I finally got paranoid enough to give in and have it checked out (because truthfully, it didn't seem to be healing and maybe was a bit worse).

The verdict? I have picture perfect veins and I'm older so things take longer to heal. Gee, thanks Doc . Grumble.

As an aside, if anyone was wondering (like my friend Cosmic) if I got caught in some violent weather that hit near my house, I didn't. As a matter of fact my brother and I were putting the finishing touches on my demolition derby car most of the day, completely unaware of the carnage going on not 40 miles to our southwest. In case you weren't aware of it either here's the link she sent me HERE.

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