Yeah, Iím alive. Fred and I took my grandson to Steam Town, PA. He loved it!

My finger healed wrong and it had to be re-broken and have pins inserted. It hursts.

I went to visit my oldest daughter at Laconia NH (despite her making me cry). Long story, but I feel right even if I might not be right.

My Grandmother (100 and 1/2 yrs old!) had a minor stroke and fainted and fell into her bathtub and then pressed her emergency button (that my Mom made her get and wear despite an enormous fight years ago) and the fire department broke into her apartment and got her to the hospital. (She thinks they may have seen her pussy cat ... LOL!)

While in NH I found a craft store with needlework and quiltwork that was exceptional. For those equally addicted go to http://www.keepsakequilting.com and http://keepsakeneedlearts.com because we all know we donít have enough to do already without picking up FARM ARTS AND CRAFTS. Which is what they called them, at the Marshfield Fair (Fred & I went and had a ball), all the rug braiding, knitting, tatting, quilting, crocheting, rug hooking, and needlepoint (along with wool spinning) that I know as a craft, NOT as a **FARM** CRAFT but which is a **SURVIVAL** CRAFT!

/rant on


But thatís what I discovered what my hard earned skills that my grandmothers ( motherís and fatherís side both) painstakingly taught me have been down graded to, a country bumpkin, farm craft because we all know CHINA will do it cheaper. When the ice age follows the global warming at least Iíll have a warm sweater and a comfy rug to land my feet on but I think my grandchildren wonít give a ******** or know any better.

Do you know that I donít know ANYONE my OLDEST (36) daughterís age who can run an electric sewing machine, nevermind a footpedal or a loom? They canít even make their own CURTAINS.

I would feel stifled if I had so little creativity left to me

/rant off

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