Hey guys thanks for sympathizing with me about these senseless and sudden deaths. They truly suck. Everyone met at the Moose Lodge to find out what was going to happen to the body. Joe lived here but he came from New Hampshire. The navy guys he worked with told me that, to their knowledge, they were escorting the body to New Hampshire the next day, today. You see that sucks too because Joe belonged to the Moose, the John Alden Sportsman's Club and the Mystery Riders, a casual motorcycle club.

I wanted his parents to see how well liked he was when 200 or more people showed up for the wake and the Moose has a ceremony that's very moving that we do at the wake or memorial service. The motorcycle club may have ridden up in full force with everyone on their bikes. I really wanted Joe's family to know that he was that loved and had a circle of friends that was extensive. I wanted them to know that he was more than OK down here away from his family and that he should have been safe.

But then I thought if it was my child I'd bring him home too and even a memorial service would put them through the whole thing twice, once here and then another service back home. I couldn't have made it through that twice myself. The parents have been down here visiting before all this and his father brings his guitar and plays with his son at The Moose. So I guess they knew that he had some friends.

So I guess Joe was simplified to a massive toast with everyone there at the Moose last night and a night of remembrances. He is very missed.

Anyways, enough of this moping about. My job as babysitter to my grandkids this summer is over. My house is a wreck between watching them at their house, so nothing gets done at my house and traveling and camping. I need something to justify my keep to Fred so I'm going to learn some new recipies and see if I can develop a repertoire of good food. Tonight I'm cooking THIS (opens in a new window). It's my first pesto sauce ever and it's from scratch too! I had no idea pesto was made with fresh basil and parmesan cheese. Yum! I've only seen pesto sauce at Uno's on pizza and that never looked appetizing to me so I never tasted it before.

In my past, alone or married, I never had enough money to make fancy dishes. The chicken in this recipe would have been the meal with a 90 cent can of vegetables and a cheap potatoe. I could never afford to buy THREE cups of fresh basil at $1.99 a cup for this recipe, never mind the rest of it like pine nuts and cheese. With Fred, for once in my life, I have enough money to not sweat it so much. Everything is just easier and I can accomplish bigger and better things .. Like finally learning how to use expensive spices.

I hope this recipe comes out good when it's all put together. Personally I think I could halve the salt but maybe with a pound of spaghetti and a whole chicken and a pint of cherry tomatoes (that's how I was taught to spell tomatoe, I think the plural is still with an E. ) maybe it will be just right when blended all together.

BTW I don't know if this pesto is to be liquefied or just ground up into little pieces. Mine is more ground up. I think it looks better that way but I have no idea if that way is correct.

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