Itís my Birthday! YAAY! (with a little boohoo for it being my 55th but this beats the alternative of death all to pieces)

Last night Fred took me and my youngest daughter and her boyfriend out to dinner for our birthdays. I had my youngest on my birthday 26 years ago. Where does the time go? Now that Iím older it FLIES by! Anyways the food was delicious and beat the hell out of last years dinner where we had such awful service that we stormed out. (That restaurant shut down from no business within 6 months of that night. They really sucked!)

Today my youngest daughter is having a party and Iím invited WooHoo! Itís a Hawaiian luao (loo-ow sp???) with a kegger. The apple doesnít fall far from the tree, I tell ya.

Thank you to Karen and Sondra and Yvonne for my Birthday wishes. I also have a special treat because a childhood friend is coming to Falmouth and Iím going to see her within the week! I got all kinds of stuff in my emails too.

I tell ya after the stress of last week it feels good to just be happy. I didnít write about last week yet but I will eventually if I can figure out how to phrase things without stepping on too many toes because all the players read here. Letís just say that Grandma is safely home now and my Dad is in a rehab for his legs but he fought us tooth and nail making the WORST decisions and even checking himself out of the hospital only to fall 5 hours later and being admitted again. My Mom isnít even talking to him at this point and heís still a stubborn old coot who will try to do the wrong thing as soon as heís feeling better again.

That shit storm hasnít even settled yet but Iím ignoring it for one damned day.

Fred had to leave for Connecticut right after Dinner last night. His son has a painful boil that is so infected that it made it extremely uncomfortable for him to perform normal tasks and he might have been admitted into the hospital if the antibiotics didnít work for him. Fred needed to be there. I told him, ďDonít you feel bad or guilty because itís my birthday. If it was one of my daughters Iíd have been long gone already.Ē So off he went.

Besides I had a bottle of rum, a full belly and a BRAND NEW WII that I bought myself with the money I got from my birthday. I wasnít missing him at all! I fell asleep on the sofa playing Zelda. Iím kind of afraid to play Resident Evil alone though. This stuff is very interactive and realistic. It will probably scare the piss out of me.

Stabbing zombies .. WooHoo!

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