Well, my supergold ran out by now. Hopefully they won't notice my background.

My trip to Yellowstone and then Mt Rushmore with Fred was wonderful but it was back in June! This is Sept 9th 2010! LOL! My profile still says I am 55 when I turned 58 September 1st.

I'm still caring for my Dad and believe me he's a handful. I'm looking for a house that I can care for him in without paying thousands a month. He's a scoundrel but he's not that bad off and at least he still has a good sense of humor.

My health and Fred's is good. We had a bad scare with my granddaughter during the summer where she drowned but recovered due to the quick thinking of her brother.

I have almost completely given over my journal to the quick blurbs of Facebook. I think I may want to change that. I feel a sea change coming. I'm reading and doing crafts again. It's autumn. Winter is coming and I feel myself turn inwards preparing for the long winter and it's quiet, dark days.

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Back writing I hope