Okee dokee. My brother and I both belong to the Moose, an organization that supports the young and the elderly at Mooseheart and Moosehaven. This Saturday weíve rented a big boat to take about 30 of us out deep sea fishing. Guess who my brother is bringing as a guest? Go ahead and guess who would make my new husband so uncomfortable that he no longer even wants to go.

Thatís right .. my Ex.

How stupid can one person be? My brother says that they will fish away from us but in the past the fun was sitting with him and his girlfriend on the way out joking and telling stories to each other. That ainít happening this time. How awkward. I have to avoid my own brother or my current husband will get very moody and I really donít want to put up with that sh*t.

I get along just fine with the Ex and am glad that I can now just enjoy him without having any part in his drama. Heís a fun guy and the Moose members enjoy him and it will be all ďRon, my man, glad to see you! Weíve missed you and how have you been?Ē all around Fred.

The Ex is fun and charming and may make Fred feel like a frog instead of the prince he is.

Iíve told Fred that he really should go fishing and not give my brother or my Ex the power to change his actions in anything and I think I have him convinced. I donít think he thought of it in those terms but I, for one, will never give either of them that kind of power.

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Oh! Brother!