I picked up Ron, the Ex, and drove him to court Wednesday. When we got there the lawyer said that they wouldn’t drop the assault & battery charge without his girlfriend there. Without her it was going to be another court appearance and another 1000 dollars. I had to go back and get her and drive her to court and she was hopping mad about it.

She says it’s because he won’t admit that it was real and that night he had his hands around her neck. She doesn’t want to get on a stand and lie about it. I asked her since she was living with him if she’d forgiven him. She said yes. I asked her if she wanted him to go to jail or to pay 1000 dollars for a court hearing and she said, “No.” I suggested that she just refuse to testify and they’d have no case and that’s what she did.

I wanted it all done. I’ve waited over a year for this money and I’m tired of waiting and waiting to get it done so I can get my bail money. I told his girlfriend I won’t make wise cracks or innuendos and that this was for Ron, not us. So we were good on the car ride and talked about nothing.

We were the very dead last case and Ron had both his ex wife and his GF sniffling as he was walked away to jail. He got a very good deal. He had two DUI’s but since they came within 6 weeks of each other he hadn’t yet been convicted on a third DUI so they were both prosecuted concurrently and jointly as one 3rd DUI instead of convicting him of a third and then changing the next one to be a fourth. He was very lucky. The guy in front of him had a 4th conviction and was sentenced to serve a year.

Ron got 18 months with only 6 months in jail and the rest was probation. He’s already served 3 months of his time last year. He’ll be out just before Christmas I think. He’ll come out and this time his house won’t be in foreclosure. He paid this month. I’ll loan him October and I think that will keep the wolf at bay even if he comes out with a lot to catch up. He can do it. He’s a good worker. He just sucks at spending it wisely.

Anyways since we were the last case I had to go back today to get my bail money. The clerks office had closed yesterday. While I was there a man recently released from jail was attempting to get his bail moneyback. A really snotty office worker was making it as hard as she could for him sending him to get his probation officer to ID him (He lost his license and had no ID) then sending him to find his docket and just generally being unhelpful. I felt bad for the guy and wondered why she was being like that sending him on all these errands. He was being cool about it though. Finally that clerk went to lunch and another took over and he had his 500 dollar check. To add insult to injury the check was drawn on some Massachusetts controlled bank. The only way to cash it would be to go to Boston to it’s one and only branch. He was so disappointed. He had just gotten out and had a ration of crap thrown at him trying to get his money back. He had three daughters he wanted to see. He had no gas in the car and he lived 100 miles away. There was seemingly no solution.

I felt so bad for him and I could just see all this crap happening to Ron on his first day out so I said, “Nope I think you need to get home and see your daughters. Take this and just pay it forward when you can. Consider it my good deed for the day.” And I handed him a 20 out of my wallet.

Well you woulda thunk I was Santa in person. He says, “Really?? Because you know this will do it. I’ll make it home with this.” And I said, “Really, just pay it forward when you can.” And I smiled. He was so happy! He had a 500 dollar check and gas money and he was going home!! Made me smile to see him so happy after the crappy start he had.

It was until later that I realized that I gave 20 dollars for gas to a man that had his license confiscated. Doh!

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