Well. I went to my daughter’s friend’s wedding and it was simple and elegant. The bride walked through an aisle formed by pinwheels on either side set in the green grass to meet her new husband-to-be before an arch filled with fall colored flowers while carrying a bouquet of sunflowers. The vows were simple, moving and direct. It took 15 minutes tops and the audience was appreciative. Unfortunately I started drinking wine again and bingo-bango the 5 pounds I lost is back. *sigh*

Fred and I visited with my friend in Vermont while we were up there and ended up going to Montreal, my first time since the 76 summer Olympics. On the way back we visited some nice wineries and Ben & Jerry’s and went through Smuggler’s Notch and saw the Von Trapp lodges, boy have they come a long way!

But today .. today is awesome. Today Fred and I took a plane to Florida as one of four couples to go on a cruise. Tomorrow we all board the Mariner of the Seas, part of Royal Caribbean cruise lines, for a trip that stops in Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Caymans and Cozumel Mexico.

I’ve been on cruises and I’ve been to these Islands but I never went with such great company, especially Fred. The only sore spot is that there was another couple that was supposed to come with us but his cancer surgery didn’t heal right and he’s back in the hospital with his wife by his side. Donna, made little signs out of their head shots and we sit them with us at meals and at the bar. We take pictures of their heads with us wherever we go and send them by phone to them trying to cheer them up and let them know they are with us in our hearts. They’ve become kind of like those gnomes that travel the world.

I hope to journal as we travel and post later as it’s 28 dollars an hour for the internet on the ship .. ridiculous huh?

And you know how you always forget something when you pack? Well at the wedding it was my toothbrush and I “borrowed” Fred’s without him knowing. This time? I will be sailing for a week without pajamas and what ever else turns up missing, but I have hairspray!

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