I was laid low by a flu and pneumonia vaccine
Two days with a 102 fever I was facing

Thursday it broke and I was back to normal
Except my arm hurt where the holes were made formal

Three days without a car, for two without care
Because sick I was and travel, I didn’t dare

But day three I arose like Lazarus
It was good! Alive I was!

But without car.
Fred drove mine to work and afar
The garage had his with work to do BAH!

Stuck I was (sounding like yoda)
So I took a walk on the beach with water like blue soda

Just a girl with her dog, a dachshund, long as a carrot
A fellow walked by and yelled, “Is that a ferret?”

Seriously ….

The ocean had an astronomically low tide
Foam blew and up the beach it did ride

Into the full moon rising like a card out of the Tarot
While I kicked the shit out of the guy that called my dog a ferret.

JUST KIDDING! (But kinda wish I had)
PS. I know I'm taking liberties with the pronunciation of Tarot (tah-rot instead of tar-oh) but really, ferret is kind of hard to rhyme!

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