Okee, things that make me too busy to post.

1.) I gave up drinking during the week, mostly for weight control, which is working. Iíve lost 4 pounds without making any other changes to my diet. Iím sleeping like a baby and at first it was many, many hours of sleep in a row. Like 10 to 12 hours! My body must have needed it as demonstrated by a blood test in which my ALT and AST liver levels EACH dropped about 30 points in 3 weeks and I drank that weekend I went to Vermont to stay with my friend, so it really worked although I have about 50 more points each to go to approach normal.

2.) Since I gave up drinking and have made it through the sleeping sickness stage where I must have been healing SOMETHING because that was a lot of sleep for a liver that regenerates easily anyhow. I figure I hadnít had any deep REM sleep in awhile because alcohol affects sleep and that I was rebounding. Anyhow since I got over the sleeping sickness I needed things to do to fill my evening time that used to be taken up by the Moose Lodge. I found some very good TV. I love Pushing Daisyís and Heroes but I couldnít watch TV continuously so besides my chores I found the WII console game and bought Guitar Hero III. Iím an addict even though I canít get past the easy stage yet. Iíve only unlocked my first gig! But I try to limit myself to an hour cumulatively a day and I find improvement everyday. I want to be able to play on the same playing field with my nephew and grandson.

3.) I also bought a DDR dance pad for the WII and am ready to give up my gym. I figure that exercise was FUN when I was young and came natural. I never ever said, ďI hate this gameĒ and continued to play it day after day like I continue to walk on the damned, boring treadmill. There has to be an alternative and DDR has a workout mode and itís fun.

4.) Mission accomplished as far as exercise, or so I thought. I saw people hula hooping at the Mountian Jam earlier this year when Fred took me. I never really got over watching the slow motion hula hooping that can be achieved with a weighted hoop so you can rock out to the blues as well as hoop frenetically to Rock Lobster. I bought one. I also liked the dance moves. Theyíre tricks, but fun tricks that would also be exercise and I think the hula hoop around your waist would involve your abs, especially a two or three pound hula hoop. You can see a really inspiring hoop dance that motivated me here:

Tell me THAT doesnít look fun! I bought a 50 dollar hoop from hoopgirl.com already and Iíve been practicing with a $3.99 one from Bennyís while I wait for itís delivery. I can already do that thing where she hoops on a bent arm, straight arm and back to bent on her elbow. Just fifteen minutes a day and Iíll be rocking out by next spring and having fun to any type of music and LIKING it. Heck I think this is something with class/teacher potential.

I guess what Iíve been doing is letting my mind percolate over different opportunities that I might create by myself and for myself that might eventually make some money and be enjoyable to do. Iíve worked for over 30 years, doing something I really didnít enjoy for the sake of my familyís existence and the almighty dollar.

Now, I want to play and make some cash simultaneously, if I can. I donít think Iíll make a killing in hula hoops but allowing myself to find my playful, fun side again might let me think outside the box. If nothing pops out of it then drudgery and boredom is always waiting for me, along with some money, and I go back to doing what I was doing.

Oh yeah, and Iím reading a Koontz book. The 3rd in the Odd series, Brother Odd. Itís the FIRST book Iíve read for pleasure since last December. And Iím watching DVDís and walking on the beach with my dog and SMILING and being HAPPY and still feeling really guilty about it .. crazy huh? People are never happy and I hope I can change that, or at least me.


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