I missed the Javelina Hunt, there was just no cash left after the cruise, but it seems those that did go had a great time. I am sadly behind in my reads and I hope that changes soon but the season is upon us and in this household it means 5 birthdays, 2 major holidays and a trip south between now and Christmas.

Did I tell you that I worked for an employer only two weeks and he met me in the driveway the Monday of the next week and basically canned me. Months later I received a letter saying I might qualify for an unemployment extension on my previous claim if I was still out of work. I applied and it turned out that with my previous job plus the two weeker I had enough quarters to collect on that, and so I did. Unemployment sent me a massive first check because it had dragged itís feet 4 months making up its mind. I was so happy. Now I could pay off some of the debt I had without involving Fred. But right on the heels of that check came one that said that my two weeker job was protesting.

If I lost that challenge then I had to pay back everything they had sent me. I attended the hearing and it turns out the liar was saying that I abandoned my job and that I never showed back up for work. He got away with it because he fired me in the parking lot and so there were no witnesses. I never dreamed someone could be so underhanded. Itís a funny thing too because when I was hired he told me that he had one employee that just never came back one day and at the hearing he said, ďPeople who disappear should stay disappeared.Ē

I have no idea if I will win this because its such a he said, she said situation, but if I lose I donít have all the money to pay back and I have no job.

Well, actually I take that back. I havenít started yet but I have been hired to be the Monday night bartender at the Moose. I just havenít worked it yet because Iím waiting for TIPS training. But Monday night is the slowest night of the week typically netting a 30 dollar profit for the bartender for the night. Iím only doing it for the experience and to add another skill to my repertoire, itís not enough for an appreciable dent in what I had to spend before they told me I might have to pay it all back.

Iím hoping that they see enough of these things that they see through his ruse. He admitted that he fired me in the parking lot but he claims it was after I showed up a week later after not calling in. He also admits not trying to reach me to find out why.

I donít know .. Iím just crossing my fingers.

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