The Saturday storm was amazing! It always is by the coast. We lost power (not if, but when, around here) but only for about 3 hours. I filled lanterns and everything and never got to use even one of them. Bummers! Instead Fred and I drove around looking at sea walls and the waves breaking against them. We also went out to eat, youíd be surprised how many restaurants cook with gas and can still operate in a power outage. Hereís a picture before the storm

and hereís one as the storm got rolling at pretty much the same place and tide

My nephew took his S.A.T.ís Saturday and then I picked him up Sunday for an all day Guitar Hero party! I even picked up my grandson, who idolizes his older cousin, and my youngest granddaughter. Even she took a turn at the game as we did a rotation through the losers. My nephew almost always won the battles even though he handicapped himself by playing on the expert level while we used the easy or medium levels.

The one memorable quote directed from nephew to my grandson, was this ..

ďSure, I can lose because if I lose, I lose to my aunt, but if YOU lose, you lose to your GRANDMOTHER! HAHAHA!Ē

Even I had a good laugh at that one and I made sure I won that time! Heheh!

The construction guys are here to replace my fascia boards and put up an antenna for Fredís ham radio. One supporting board is rotted badly and will be sistered with some good wood before itís tucked away out of the weather with the new boards. Itís about time. That supporting board has been exposed and rotting for twenty years and I never had the bucks to fix it until Fred came. Heís a life saver. And just for my own notes I know of a family member that showed some jealousy over our relationship, which surprised me as itís an apples and oranges type of thing and Iíll just leave it at that.

I cancelled an online game that Iíve played off and on for 8 years. I donít think I can really let it go. Iím all tied up in my game identity and made so many friends over the years that I just donít see me really walking away. I feel a real loss about canceling. I havenít really played in at least three years but Iím having trouble letting it go. How strange.

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