Long time, no write, but maybe thatís about right for me now. Being happy means that nothing appreciable really changes in the short term. But itís not like nothing at all changes. I won my claim with unemployment and itís passed the last day to object so I guess I think heís given up. Unemployment called his story improbable so they saw right through him, thank God, and I get to keep what I collected.

On the job front I started bartending and I LOVE it! After thirty years of commuting and computers I was just sick to death of it and them. Bartending is fun and I interact with humans instead of machines and they smile and like me and talk to me and give me dollars and I donít even have to take my clothes off, lol!

I remember when I was completely enthralled with computers. I lived and breathed them and couldnít get enough of learning about them but working for somebody else just beat the love right out of me, especially the last job three years ago. I collected and retrained and finally realized I didnít want to go back to that world at all.

I thought working for myself would be great and I started the ball rolling with a wine & cheese shop but weíve finally figured out that I canít get a full liquor license, just a beer & wine. No I have to decide if I can make it as just a wine & cheese shop without the rest before I waste any of Fredís money. It needs to be re-thunk with the help of others wiser than me. Personally I think I could make it and they just arenít seeing what I plan to do but maybe Iím a little star struck since I havenít really run a business before in that beachy kind of location.

So while I am trying to re-think my job future this bartending job is right up my alley. It is so much fun. I could never afford to do this before Fred. He holds my health insurance too so I can get away with no benefits at my job while I find a new way to live that is happier.

You know for someone like Fred who is a complete, extreme introvert that throws temper tantrums when heís upset and acts like a complete attention whore when heís sick .. my life when Iím around him has never been happier. Go figure.

And speaking of happy .. We are at my time share in Florida right now and Iím on my personal 5th floor balcony overlooking the Atlantic while making plans to scuba dive with the manatees in crystal springs while Fred snorkels it. You get right in the water with them and swim with them in the wild. I think that rivals swimming with the dolphins in a pool.

Weíre going to see Sea World this trip as our ďone major park a yearĒ visit. Iím hoping heíll spring for the luau dinner after the park closes. I think heíd enjoy it. The rest of the trip Iíd like to keep low key and visit a local zoo and a local planetarium mixed with beach walking and pool lounging. Fred came here very run down and I need to plan rest for him instead of filling every hour of every day with stuff, like I usually do. For once we need to go home rested instead of needing a vacation from our vacation.

Or at least Fred needs to .. because for me, well, because of Fred Iím great.

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