Today we went to Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure. We went on every major ride except the water rides of both parks by 4PM. Itís off season and there were no crowds and no lines. We were supposed to go tomorrow too but Iím thinking that we saw most of it and Fred wants to come back next year because they have a Homer Simpson ride coming in 2008 and he really wants to go on it. So Iím thinking since we got a two day park hopper that wonít expire that we should save it for next year.

Itís not hard to convince me considering my feet hurt, my knees hurt and I think Iíd drag myself around a second day. Iíve never been happier than right now and all Iím doing is drinking a Captain and coke with my feet up, ďfeet upĒ being the major mode of existence. OMG I hurt so much!

Since we have another 80 degree day coming tomorrow (shut up!) and a heated pool Iím thinking a day floating around might be the ticket, or at least a couple hours and then Fred and I are really good at exploring, especially in that nice convertible he rented for us.

I said shut up!

This week rocks for time share. You can go to any major park and walk onto every ride with absolutely no wait. We walk past set ups for lines that I canít even imagine. Twist and turn waiting alleys that I am so grateful that we didnít have to stand in line for. Iím looking into buying an extra week down here.

Picture this:
I buy 12 weeks of time share for about 1000 dollars a week (very cheap and not prime real estate but itís in Florida and some one else changes your towels and sheets and makes your bed) then you pay 200 dollars a week maintenance fee per week.

If I do that I just bought 3 months of winter away time for 12,000 dollars (the price of a used trailer) and then I pay about 2,400 a year to maintain it in yearly fees. My Mom pays about 1500 a year to a trailer park to set her summer trailer on. I donít know if Iíll do it but it certainly sounds inviting to me.

My brain always burns up scheming how to stay in Florida every year Iím here.

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