If you want new pictures go back an entry but if you've seen that entry I have to say that this re-do template was alot of F'n work for a picture that wasn't that good to begin with. It was raining and I was bored but now I know about z-index ordering and more about CSS style sheets and about opacity and about relative, fixed and absolute positioning along with font weight properties.

It was all interesting and now I've learned it but man that sucked and was cool at the same time. At least I think I have a device whereby I can have text on a background picture and whiten it up some so the text isn't completely lost in the picture, yet the picture isn't lost either and that frees up alot of pictures that I thought I'd have to pass on.

Tonight Fred and I went to visit a local artist and I may throw some money at him for an oil painting although his photography is fun too. You can see his work at http://www.headhunterstudio.com/ (with one 's'). Go to the oil paintings and then look at the one called "Palm Sway". I'm looking at a new painting that is very similar, everything is on the move with the ocean, even Fred likes it.

Afterwards we ate at a steak house we visit every year as it's on the premises and afterwards there was a comedy show and the guy was FUNNY. He had one joke where he was in bed and he told his wife that he was going to huck a louie at the ceiling and he started making sounds and she hid under the blankets so he farted. I'm sorry but fart jokes can still make me laugh.

Tomorrow its a visit to Sea World and then that's the end of our vacation and I get to be terrified of flying again on the way home Saturday, well not terrified but let's just say that I'm not a fan.

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