Sea World was great. My background is a picture of an animal that looked like a cross between a seahorse and a plant and they called it a dragon, so of course itís a water dragon. My new template is really a formula that will let me change my background to almost any picture I want on the fly and the thing should stay readable despite it. This picture is a little grainy but itís not like we can upload megabyte pictures here at Diaryland. Iíd also like to put some of my outside DíLand reads in the navigation bars to the left but Iíve been lazy because I have them all in Google Reader. Iíll get to it, I promise!

Anyways Sea World in Orland was great. Fred laughed with great big belly laughs at the sea lion show. It really was very funny. As for me I was agog (neener) with bewilderment with the A.D.D. flash, dash and rapidity of focus change of the dolphin show. Just as you settled on *this* as the main focus it shifted and was *that* and by the end we had 6 dolphins doing synchronous leaps around the pool while two more did erect twirls in the water and the handlers took turns diving off high rise manta ray structures doing their version of flips into the pool and they had ropes they hung onto which rapidly pulled them back up on high for more dives and flips and then two more were jumping up and down on bungy cords while a woman flew around with bright red Macaw bird wings in a harness all the while fountains of water shot through the air and then they released about 30 real birds of which 10 must have been real red Macaws and all at the same time. It took your breathe away. Heck I just made the worldís longest run on sentence trying to describe it! I loved it!

Then I had an unexpected surprise and it turns out I was in time to feed the dolphins at another arena and you show them the fish, scratch or pat under their jaw and then reward them for the favor and feed them the fish. It was great! They feel silky smooth and have such personalities! They make me laugh. It was a real treat.

The shark encounter had changed too. Now it has a moving sidewalk thing so people donít clog up the works and they use it in the penguin house too. Man those penguins are cute! I just love the water and the animals and I think Iím rubbing off on Fred and heís catching this love too. Heíll never wish he was diving with the dolphins like me but heís not afraid of the very idea anymore either.

Did you notice that I didnít mention Shamu? The most famous whale of all time? Well the whale show was great but you didnít realize that they were using the smaller, younger whales until they started this chant of SHAMU! SHAMU! And this HUGE HONKING MONSTER OF AN ORCA KILLER WHALE shoots up three stories into the air and then comes down and proceeds to soak the ďwet zoneĒ people thoroughly with a tale that had to be ten feet or more wide just by flipping it a bit. This whale was so big that I was all agog (didnít look it up did you? Haha!) again.

Well this is my last night here and I have to pack and get ready to leave tomorrow morning. If someone actually knows what my backgroundís leaf, fish, dragonís real name is puhlease leave me a comment. Thanks!

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Sea World