Ground zero Christmas 2007 starts tomorrow at my Mom’s house. I’m picking up my Father and holding the house down while my Mom runs last minute errands for food. I’m bringing meatballs in sauce in my crock pot. Nothing could be easier and my oldest daughter is a little pissed that I got to bring it. It apparently is what she likes to bring. Oh well!

Monday is Christmas Eve and I’ll be opening presents at my oldest daughter’s house after she gets out of work. While there I hope to visit noradsanta.org and track Santa with the grandkids. Earlier in the day hopefully the garage owned by her husband’s family will be having an open house so I can visit with all my neighbors.

Christmas Day itself will be just Fred and I at my house and my youngest will be dropping by after eating at her Grandmother’s house (her father’s side). I bought the parent’s presents but I’m not buying more than 10 bucks of scratch cards for her father and delivering it via our daughter.

I was so in love with that man. It astounds me looking back because he was not good for me at all and I don’t even want to drop in to get a peek at him like I have for the past 4 years. Fred has been a revelation in what a relationship should be. The Ex I’ve resigned to the same place that the song Tattoo sings about.

“Don’t look back at a new direction
I loved you once needed protection
You’re still a part of everything I do
You’re on my heart just like a tattoo”

Knowing him will affect me for the rest of my life just by the fact that we knew each other for so long but now I’m moving in a new direction and I’m not looking back.

Speaking of moving along ..

Late this afternoon I’ll be picking up the grandkids and teaching them how to make homemade snow globes (see Martha Stewart’s web site for directions if you want them). They’re wicked easy and this is the perfect time of year to do it. After that I’m taking them to a friend’s house who has another friend show up as Santa every year. I bought three small gifts to wrap and slip into Santa’s sack so they’ll enjoy it and receive presents. Santa is an old High School chum and just watching him makes me laugh. Santa with an Irish brogue is a little weird too.

So I have a very full couple of days coming up! I hope everyone else is having a great holiday season. Especially my sister who doesn’t celebrate the holiday itself but I hope the spirit of giving and good will extends to her anyways because my thoughts are with you and your mother, as always, but especially now as family becomes so prominent during this season.

I’ve received quite a few Christmas cards from Dairylanders and others. I apologize for not reciprocating for the second year in a row. I’m currently making a Christmas card address list by keeping the return addresses from your cards and I hope to send greetings a little late. But just in case ..

Thank You and Merry Christmas!

PS Last night I had a dream that I was calling my dog to come home (“Dash!” “Dash!” I called) and instead of him galloping around a corner instead I heard a very disgruntled “WHAAAAT????” in return to my call. I woke up laughing.

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