Fred bought a new Jeep and in one of the stupidest moves weíve made as a couple we decided to pick it up today, in a white out blizzard. To our credit the roads were dry as a bone when we left but three inches had accumulated inland by the time I had to return alone in my little light-weight chevy cavalier that slides in rain, nevermind inches thick, unplowed snow. I drove for an hour at thirty miles an hour, when I was confident, twenty five was the more usual speed.

You know Iím a New Englander through and through and I know how to drive in this shit, itís all the other people panic braking and then making everyone behind them skid out when they have to try to slam their brakes or hit them if they didnít leave enough space to account for idiots like that.

Anyways Iím home safe and Fred is on his way but he has 4 wheel drive and if he can find the sides of the road in this white out he should make it home in one piece but wow were we stupid.

On the other hand I just wish that everyone could live in a cottage by the sea in a white out blizzard. The wind is whipping and carrying the sound of the crash of giant waves to me. I can see the boat ramp but not all the way to the water and the wind whistles up that ramp bringing sideways snow and a whiff of salt.

Wind like this almost guarantees a power outage as it makes spaghetti of the power lines along the water. Youíd think by now the electric company would have gotten tired of replacing them and would have put them underground, but they havenít so I am going to post this and prepare candles and my gas stove for light and heat.

Tonight Fred and I attend a New Years party at the Moose. Itís close and intimate with a buffet and a DJ. At midnight weíll watch the ball drop in New York, weíll kiss and then be home 30 minutes later. I hope you all have a nice safe New Years Eve like ours, but hopefully with power and not by emergency lights at the local club .. he, he, itís happened before, so who knows?

As far as a yearly recap thatís a whole new post. This has been a very busy and successful year. Oh and thank you to everyone who responded to my facebook request to become a vampire in Vampire wars. Iím having a blast!

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