I'm going to see Meet The Robinsons in Disney 3D today with my nephew. It should be GREAT and so much FUN! I bought the tickets online this morning to make sure I get them and it doesn't sell out on me. We're going to the only theater on the south shore that is showing it in 3D on a Friday evening on the first day of its premier. Oh yeah baby, that will sell out!

I have him all weekend and Fred is going back to Connecticut to allow me solo time with my nephew. He's 16 now and growing into such a wonderful young man. My time with my "little boy" is growing short. Unless he decides that the babes on my beach are worth visiting me for I don't expect to see him too much anymore. His sister is growing up too. Soon she'll want to spend time with her friends and boyfriends.

Thank God for my grandchildren. I pray that I never get so old and isolated that there are no children in my life. All you kids out there go out and reproduce!! (Don't have heart failure Bro .. hehe)

I met with my old boss yesterday and it was great catching up. IBM has changed over the years. All hiring is done online with key word searches of the online resumes. I think a real resume is approaching uselessness as far as online hiring. I think you could submit key words and do just as well, sort of like the old meta name tags for search engines.

In any case He's hardly changed at all and it was an enjoyable hour. He left management for sales during a re-alignment in which he realized he wasn't going to get the position he wanted. That's kind of why I left IBM. There was no more forward motion left in my career path. But I had no horizontal movement left either without moving and I was unwilling to uproot my family.

It's funny though. I spent my childhood consisting of 12 years of school with my old classmates and we keep in touch and feel a great bond yet people down play their relationships with their work buddies. I spent 15 years of my family raising, young adult years with my old boss and a few others I still contact once in awhile but there are no big reunions or anything like with High School. There should be. I think we invest just as much of ourselves during those years as in our childhood years. I really miss some of those people. It was nice to catch up.

As far as the infamous engagement ring I hope to get a better picture posted soon. I think in bright daylight with a magnifying glass I might be able to show you all the detail the jeweler hand carved into the ring's mold before it was cast. It really is an incredible work of art.

I have trouble believing that it's mine. Just last night I said, "Fred, if we're going to need money please sell the ring soon and don't let me get attached to it. I could let it go now but 5 years from now, I don't know." He assured me that we were going to be fine and the ring was in no danger from financial needs. You see he owes alot of money to taxes due to the sale of a bunch of antiques he inherited. He owes almost a modest man's wages for a year. There goes our RV for this year but we might rent for a couple weeks anyhow. He wants to map out a route cross country hitting a few national parks for this summer. I think its a great idea and I am totally up for it as I don't have a job to disturb this summer (yet) so I'm free to follow at least one dream with the free time before I crack the whip in a new position and I can't think of better company for the adventure than Fred. I'm hoping to fit in a few Diaryland buddy visits at the same time too!

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