I stalled in my weight loss. Not totally, but over the weekend it went 175.6, 175.4, 175.2 and then it held there until today where I found 174.6. I'm in for the long haul now but even point 2 pounds a day is a loss and better than I did on a regular "normal" diet where it took me 4 months to lose 5 pounds and one slip up put me back where I was.

As far as what I did with my weekend. I went to my youngest granddaughter's First Holy Communion. She looked absolutely beautiful and the get together afterwards was wonderful. I got pictures and one of them is Fred in a tie. That's one for the books. I probably won't see that at our wedding.

Speaking of weddings. Mariah Carey's wedding ring looks just like my ring except her central diamond is pink and surrounded by more pink diamonds and around my yellow diamond I have white diamonds instead of more yellow diamonds. What a difference in price though!

Well I'm off to the DMV to register my motorcycle. It turns out that I guess you have to do it in person like we used to with cars long ago and not by mail like we do now. Anyways I didn't get anything by mail and I can't get a sticker without a registration. While I'm there I'm going to reduce the insurance on my car now that it's paid off. It's not worth anything anyhow. If I put in a claim they'd total it and write me a check for less than I pay per year for coverage anyways.

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To The DMV