I am totally not keeping up with all my friends. I will try to remedy that soon. It's not even that I'm all that busy, although I am, but it's not vitally important stuff. For instance I'm having an absolutely banner year with birds. Today I go to the Christmas Tree shop to buy more bird feeders and suet. That's not heart stopping but it takes time. So if I don't comment at your site I apologize and I will soon.

I also forgot to journal that I totally passed my amateur radio test and my call letters were finally assigned. I am KB1QNB. Yup that's me! I am so excited and so is Fred. He finally has someone to share his passion for radio with.

We're going to see Tina Turner in November too! Tina is getting up there in years and I think this tour may be her swan song so I really want to see her. I was damn lucky too. Seats were all sold out and going for 5 and 6 hundred dollars a piece and we got ours for 150 dollars. It's even a real financial hit at that price. I can't imagine paying more.

My brother from Hawaii is visiting and I want to see him badly. I haven't seen him in years and at one time he was my favorite brother because he needed me to protect him from another brother that pretty much tortured him in a brotherly type of way.

My motorcycle started up right away this season and I'll be riding that soon. It still kind of scares me but I grow more confident each year that I ride it.

Next week Fred and I go to Hunter Mountain to see Mountain Jam and after that we drive to Niagara Falls and then we tour the Thousand Island area and returning we go through Vermont on the way home to see a friend of mine. I love traveling with Fred and I think he loves having someone to travel with. His Ex apparently didn't want to go anywhere and I've been described as having wings on my feet because I love it s much.

I want to end with a plea for a prayer for Ted Kennedy. He's in a lot of trouble and no matter what your political slant I think you can agree that family has had more than its share of tragedy. Two assassinations, a rape, alcoholism, a plane crash and now brain cancer. What else can this family take?

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