June 1 2007

I graduate from my next to last computer class today. We'll get out early and I, for one, am going to beat feet to get home so I can go to Mountain Jam with Fred. I'm so excited! We're staying in a local inn with a 5 state view (kinda reminds me of the Overlook in the Shining .. he he) near Hunter mountain in NY.

We need to board our puppy and pack clothes and a cooler. We're going to the VIP tent because Fred didn't want to chance me getting wet if it rained. He han't had anyone to go to these things with him in years, if ever. His Ex wouldn't go so he started dragging his son along and it turned out his son liked it. But he hasn't had an adult companion to go with, ever. He doesn't want to chance that I won't like it. To tell the truth it's not my preferred music but I could really enjoy the jam band scene and I like Government Mule who plays tomorrow. The thing is that I had no idea that the tickets to the VIP section would be so pricey but I guess if you take into account the fact that it's a three day event it isn't that bad, but I could have had a weekend jaunt in England or Paris for what this is costing him!

If you go to Fox news some guy is trying to jump from the George Washington bridge .. just an FYI

If you've emailed me at my old journal in the past year and I didn't respond I wasn't ignoring you. I stopped having my diaryland webmail forwarded to my yahoo account becuase it was always just junk mail. So imagine my surprise when I checked it out and found all kinds of email I hadn't read in over a year from my old journal! I'm really sorry if I offended anybody. I also think I lost a few lurkers from my old site when I locked and didn't realize I had email password requests from them.

Well, break is just about over so I have to end but I'll try to take some pictures at the hippy fest and post them when I get back. I think the hotel has wi-fi too so maybe I can update while I'm there.

I'm so nervous but I get like this the day I leave all the time. I call my oldest daughter and remind her where my will is but this time I also had to include the kennel puppy is in and where I hid "THE RING" because I sure am not bringing it for a 3 day stroll in musicians and mud (its supposed to rain) just "in case".

It drives her nuts because I never get hurt or die but it just relieves me that things will pass from me to my kids smoothly if I become incapacitated or die. I know, I know, it's nuts and paranoid but if I didn't do it I just know my dog would be put to sleep when we didn't come back to get him and the ring would be lost forever. Besides my mother does it to me so I guess I'm just passing it on .. he he.

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Mountain Jam