Last week was a busy one. Tuesday and Wednesday I watched the grandkids but Wednesday was special. The middle girl expressed a desire to ride a horse, of course the two others were ďMe Too, Me Too!Ē after they heard this and saw me looking pensive.

So yeah, Wednesday I took the kids for their first horseback riding lessons. The woman spent about 30 minutes showing them how to put on the tack and letting them brush the horse. This was a good move because the first grader wasnít having anything to do with the horse and refused to ride him on sight. But after brushing him and touching him she couldnít have been dragged away. Then each of them had a 20 minute riding lesson in which each of them attempted to post, much to my amusement. (post: to rise from and descend to the saddle in accordance with the rhythm of a horse at a trot. So as not to be bounced all over hell.)

They all did very well and it made me wish that I was taking lessons again. I had one humdinger of an ass and tight-as-a-drum thighs back when I was riding and taking ballet. The boy was grinning ear to ear as he rode but said he thought it was more of a girl thing when he got off. He wasnít sure heíd want to pursue more lessons. God I hate stereotypes especially male/female ones because they held me back for a considerable portion of my younger life. I tried to counter this one with images of cowboys but he wasnít having any of it saying, ďThereís no cattle around hereĒ and to tell the truth no rodeo that I know of.

The two girls had absolutely no problem with it at all though. Although my wallet canít sustain 35 dollar per half hour per kid lessons for three children Iím going to try to get them all one more lesson next month.

Thursday I went to Water Wizz in Wareham with my oldest daughter and her kids plus a friend of hers who had about 5 kids with her. I watched the youngest three for awhile so they could go on some of the slides. Otherwise I admit to two hours drifting in the lazy river, where I got a MEAN burn wherever I hadnít been burned already from being in the pool with the kids.

Saturday I spent all day on my oldest daughterís new 36 foot boat while they shuttled to the beach. I didnít understand that at all. I had the whole boat to myself while they went to a beach with no blanket to sit on, no bathrooms and no cooler and the water too cold to do more than dip in while I lazed around on the huge empty seats sunning or getting into the shade as I wanted while the boat gently rocked me as I napped or read. They buy a boat and I use it, go figure.

Sunday Brianna came to visit. Sheís Fredís sonís ex girlfriend and Fredís virtually adopted daughter that he never had. Sheís like Fred, low maintenance and laid back. Sheís no bother at all to have visit. Sheís still here watching TV in the guest room.

I forgot to mention the nightmares I had all week. So far I watched one daughter die because she appeared to me as a solid apparition to say goodbye. That one happened over two nights with the second night being a continuation of the first night. I hate when nightmares continue like that! The third night my other daughter and all three kids and I got caught in a tsunami that washed away Boston, and separated us so I donít know whoís dead yet and I hope I never do.

The good thing is that Iím going to see Harry Potter with the younger daughter and the grandkids this Wednesday. We planned it after I called her up crying (Mom are you CRYING???? Mom, Iím Ok, please donít cry!) and asking if she was OK or if anything bad had happened to her at 12:15 AM the previous night. I can conjure up guilt and pity as easy as a nightmare and a few tears. But I did tell her that I think sheís too isolated down there in her neck of town and I want to start having her over once a month for dinner or something to stay in touch better. She seemed to like the idea except for one thing (But Mom you canít COOK!) so I might have to order out or go to HER house .. hehe.

With all this going on can you see why I havenít completed another MCSE test? Fredís going to Connecticut Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe Iíll get some study time in then, except I babysit again Wednesday. I am just never going to get anything done!

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