Well the words “vastly improved” did happen. Fred is a new man. He’s not completely out of the woods yet but he’s 1000 percent better than he was yesterday. We took a walk on the beach this morning and what a difference. He didn’t mope or sigh or straggle behind. He even joked a bit and his sense of humor is returning. Thank goodness because I was almost ready to strangle him.

When he’s feeling off he is the most miserable jerk and three days of it was just about my limit. Anyways I guess the hearts and flowers stage is over and we’re into real life now. I kid. Ninety nine percent of the time he/we are awesome together but I guess one does have moments, doesn’t one?

The thing that kills me is that he feels badly that he’s ruining my vacation no matter how many times I tell him it’s OK. I tell him that he never would have given himself permission to sleep for three days back home. He would have been up and trying to work remotely on the laptop or some darned thing instead of getting better. I am glad that if he had to get sick he got sick where no one can ask him for anything and he can just concentrate on feeling better.


Now I do have to make a few decisions as to what I let go that we had planned to do and I have to do it alone because it will make him feel guilty because, face it, most of it is what *I* wanted to do and he’s just happy to make me happy (gotta love that).

Originally we wanted Brevard Zoo, Kayaking in Mangroves, Groucho’s Comedy Night, Planetarium, Sea World and diving with the manatees. You travel on the two Saturdays so that leaves 6 days of which two are now gone and the Planetarium has to be Wednesday and Thursday is supposed to rain. Decisions, decisions . hmmmm

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