Day two at work over and done with. Today we spent some time setting up my development environment and explaining a bit of the wider environment outside of my little machine. The guy I shadowed today is a really nice guy with a lot of patience and none of the information hoarding I find in older folks because they think hoarding the knowledge will make them more valuable. I have news for them. Not in the new world. You just become a road block and no matter who you are or what you know someone else can figure it out and be more co-operative. Road blocks are usually removed.

Itís just so refreshing and the boy/man (mid/late 20ís?) looks a lot like my youngest daughterís boyfriend, which immediately biases me towards him. I met the other woman who works there, Pat, and she seems nice too. They all seem nice. I really like it here.

The only bad thing is that I think Iím fighting something. I get so tired so fast and my eyes burn and my throat tickles. Last night I went to bed at 9PM and woke up at 8AM this morning. I could have slept even longer but I was horrified. What if I had to get up at a normal time for work, like I will next week? I need to get better fast!

Iíve been checking my throat and there are red patches but so far no white strep patches. So far the kids didnít pass it on to me but if I do fall victim instead of fighting it off I hope itís this weekend. Itís been a very long time since when I got sick mattered.

On the weight front I havenít lost a single pound. I donít know why. Iím doing all the right things. I guess all I can do is keep on keeping on and eventually it will have to work. I have to also keep telling myself that Iím NOT on a diet. Iím changing my lifestyle. That started with replacing 4 or 5 Captain and diet cokes a day with soda water and a splash of cranberry and a slice of lime .. yumm!

I think whatís happened is that Iím no longer dehydrated and Iíve really lost 2 or 3 pounds but its been taken up by fluid that I should have had in me all along. Next week will be the test.

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2nd Day