Pictures are below if you just want to skip to them. If you actually read this then excuse any grammar or spelling. Iím still a bit loopy.

I went into surgery about 8:30 and it lasted about three hours and I woke up about 12:30 in the afternoon.. For the first time my O2 levels went under 90 and they had to keep telling me to take deep breaths, which I did and then Iíd fall asleep and I guess I would either forget to breathe or I would be breathing shallow. I guess the remnants of general anesthesia will do that. Anyways I was alert and on my way home by 3:00 with an O2 reading of 98.

Usually I have a lot of problems with nausea, and I did this time too, but nowhere near what itís been in the past. I still have a bit of nausea today but I also am still wearing a scopolamine patch. These things really work, either that or the doctor shot me up with more anti-nausea stuff than anyone has in the past. I only really heaved twice and both times were after moving around quite a bit. In any case this was the easiest time Iíve had with anesthesia in my whole life. What a blessing that was and since Fred helped me through the last surgery when my finger was being reset he, in particular, was relived that I wasnít as bad off.

I had wicked dry mouth and water wouldnít stay down unless I was lying down. BTW you have to lay down with your head elevated and cold compresses on your eyeballs. Fred was a dream to me. He fetched and emptied and cooked me some chicken noodle soup about 8 that night and I finally got the soup to stay down during American Idol. None of my favorites, male or female, got sent home, and then of course we saw LOST. Wow is that coming along. Thereís new story uncovered every week! Thatís different from the previous series where they left you with a new puzzle every week!

When all is said and done when it came to getting help, the biggest thing that Fred didnít do is he didnít just drive me home and dump me to go off and get drunk and do lines until 2AM and then go to an after party until 6AM the next morning like my EX would have. Fred was there every step and fulfilling my very need. What a guy. Compared to what I had I just shake my head. How could I have loved that?

The worst part of this whole thing surgery wise is that the doctor shaved an inch wide swath of hair across the top of my head for the incision for the brow lift and the he smeared my whole head with Vaseline to keep the hair away from the incision sight. I canít shampoo until I see him Monday. This is really gross. I tried getting some of it out of the back of my head this morning (against orders) but this is going to take something Like GOOP to get it all out. Either that or repeated washings. UGH!

My eyes, on the other hand are doing pretty well both in bruising and in pain, although I plainly have bruising itís already starting to fade. I feel great in fact, and had no trouble sleeping not only all day yesterday but all night too. I told Fred he could go to work without worry. He did but heís going to try to get out early. I do look a little Frankensteinish so I wonít be leaving my house for a couple days, and so Iím dependent on him, which isnít a bad thing at all.

Getting to the pictures, this is how an under eyelid and a brow lift look together:
Hereís before with me holding back my bangs so you can see the difference in brow and the eyes

And here is after. Iím a little puffy but the brow is higher at the hairline and my eyes are definitely not sagging anymore. You will even see a bit of stitches on the top eyelid of one eye as he got out a little scar tag that developed with the last over eye lid surgery I had done when the EX left.

I love the results and think theyíll be very good in about a month when the swelling and bruising is all gone. The other thing is that they actually get up quite a bit of skull skin and hair and peel it back to reposition it after they cut out a strip .. well afterwards until it re-attaches it feels soggy and squeaks a bit in certain places when rubbed a bit. But thereís no leakeage or anything so I guess the fluid just resettles after awhile.

I ordered my drawer pulls and handles while under the influence of anesthesia yesterday but I think I did alright. Iím mixing and matching. I ordered from the Bellwith Keeler collection from PullsDirect.com and got sea horses for pull handles and seashells, starfish and a fish for my knobs. They were only 5 and 6 bucks a piece where I saw similar for 30 bucks a piece .. No Way! I needed 11 handles and 15 knobs! I got a good price but on the downside they donít come for 4-6 weeks and my counter top takes 2 to 3 and they only measured that last Tuesday. Iím having doubts that my kitchen will be completely ready for my dinner party on the 29th.

Itís a good thing they like me anways!

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Day After Surgery