Me: Doing laundry and matching socks. I notice a pair that looks too big for me but I thought all Fred’s socks were black. I holler upstairs:

“Honey do you have any white socks?”

He Answers:

“No, I’m a Yankee fan.”


“Ha HA HA HA!!!” While thinking “Deaf as a doornail but pretty funny!

Ron, the Ex, called me yesterday. He can’t take the time off from work to run his errands so he doesn’t need me to drive him. He tells me concerning his girlfriend that he knows now that she isn’t the one. He says, “Ya know, you just don’t know how a person really is until you live with them.”

Me Thinking:

“No shit you asswipe!”

Me Talking:

“That’s too bad.”

I’m in class today doing level 3 Excel and you know what? They charge more than the community college and I learned all this back in 1993 at Massasoit Community College but I guess its good as a refresher. But honestly I would have expected more to change in Excel since then.

Do you know that I have a fiancé that can fight with me over DHCP and MS server 2003? If there is a nerdier couple I think they’d scare me. But what I REALLY hate is when he’s right, and he almost always is … grrrrrr!

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In Class On A Break