I donít know about you but Internet Explorer 7 crashes when I use multiple tabs and because I made multiple tabs my home pages it would crash at launch. I didnít know how to get around it so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. With it I investigated and it turns out that IE7 is stable if you donít use any browser helpers, extensions or added toolbars. They recommend going to the run box and typing iexplore Ėextoff and not making more than one page your homepage and then adding in your helpers one at a time until you find the one that crashes you. But if you use it without any helpers then it means things like flash and adobe wonít open automatically. Itís kind of a pain so mostly I start it with everything loaded but donít use more than one tab. Sucks to be Microsoft.

Anyways Iím alive and well. I got my 1981 Honda started (Thanks bro!) and took my first spring ride. Iíve been working like crazy to get the upstairs bedroom done by May 11th when the new bedroom set arrives. So, itís been new paint, new trim paint, new molding, rip up the carpet and paint the floor (I was going to sand and poly but it turns out that the floor isnít that great and itís already painted). The floor is filthy under the carpet and even some kind of fungi started to grow under there. The installers used a foam mat to put the carpet on and it just dissolved and turned to a powder Iím trying not to breathe in while I remove my billionth staple that held it down. Fred had to transport it in pieces to the dump and pay for itís disposal and when all tallied it weighed about 240 pounds ( all the while leaving about the same poundage in sand behind for me to get rid of!). Fred even made and wired a new lighting fixture with boat cleats on it for decoration. Very cool looking :)

Today I bring the puppy in for his first vet appointment and later I pick up our second motorcycle and drive it home. Itís a 700 not my old 400 and Iím a little scared. Iím going all back roads at no faster than 40 mph. Then I ride to Rockland to lend the Ex some cash to meet his mortgage. Itís not that he doesnít have it, itís that he doesnít have it on time. Itís a two day loan until his payday so he isnít late and then he qualifies for a reduction in his mortgage rate which may take some of the pressure off him. Iím not wearing Fredís ring to meet him. Iím afraid it will set him up to want it and he knows my house and how to get in very well. What he doesnít see in these tough times wonít hurt him.

I went to his cousinís bridal shower last Sunday and she stole my wedding plans! Sheís going to Rome to get married! Sure she can do the same but I wanted to be first *pout*. Actually when I think about it Iíve been really, really busy and I donít think I have anymore time to sit here! LOL! I hope all of you are doing well because I havenít had time to catch up. Even this weekend is full with a benefit dinner for Beth and a Miles Standish Forest Clean up organized by one of my brothers. I have a life again and I think back to those days I thought Iíd spend alone forever with no purpose and I have to just be so grateful that didnít happen.

Oh Yeah! Have you guys been watching Drive and Heroes? The next five weeks will be terrific TV with Lost promising to be a blockbuster too. What is up with Julia? I canít figure out what side sheís on!

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