Ok, it's been about 6 or 7 weeks since my brow lift. The actual pictures before and after were quite dramatic with the black eyes and all, especially at certain angles where you could really see how much lid I now had and that my brow had been lifted and I looked more refreshed and less well I guess unintentionally angry is a way of explaining what happens as your face sags.

Here is one of the more dramatic before pictures but I think what has happened is much more subtle. Anyone can doctor up before and after pictures to look better or worse. I didn't try to do that here but I think my chubbiness emphasized the bad look.

What I think is more representative of the effects of the lift can be seen much more subtly here. This is a picture of me post op taken last night. I admit its one of my better close ups. I'm looking up a little so it cuts down on how much lid you can see but you can see that the overall result looks refreshed and younger.

Especially when compared to this picture which is also one of my better pictures, I think. It's a bit grainy as I zoomed it so you could see the eyes better but this picture was taken 8 years ago when I was 47. You can see that the upper lid is starting to fall. I don't look bad but I think the picture above looks younger and I am 55 now.

I have plans to lose weight and get the bottom half done early next year and then I am done for a very long time. I might have a mini tuck taken years down the road but as for the major nipping and tucking, I will be done when the neck is done. Eventually you reach a point where it's just too much, and too expensive, to keep up and the surgery is more risky than just growing old gracefully.

But am I there yet? Hell no!

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