I went to Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountain in New York again this year. It was AWESOME!! I loved it! I saw so many really good groups and just rocked out for three days.

Then we road tripped over to Niagara Falls, the Ontario side. The falls are on a slant. The better view is on the Canadian side. Tomorrow we pay 6 bucks for an all day pass on the busses and then 40 bucks a piece for the Adventure Pass which includes a ride on the Maid of the Mist, A Journey behind the Falls, a White Water Walk and a really neat Butterfly Conservatory visit along with access to people movers (busses) to get me from place to place.

I have pictures. So many, many pictures. I will post them soon. I especially love the fire dancer pictures. I learned how to play with shutter speed and it was night and I think one picture in particular came out great. Oh hell Iíll do it now. BRB.

Ok .. back .. look at this. I am such a proud mommy of this creation.

Fire Dancers

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