Fred and I went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd last night at the Tweeter Center. The set list isn’t posted yet but here’s an older one that I think they pretty much duplicated last night. I recognize about 90 percent of it and the encore was the same too:

What’s Your Name, I Know a Little, That Smell, Gimme Back My Bullets, Simple Man, Medley: (Don’t Ask Me No Questions, The Needle and The Spoon, Cry For the Bad Man, Double Trouble, Tuesday’s Gone), Red, White and Blue, Gimme Three Steps, Call Me the Breeze, Sweet Home Alabama. Encore: Free Bird

The lead guitarist is HOT!

And guess who opened for them? The DOOBIE BROTHERS! It’s the first time that I’ve been to a concert that the opener was called back for not just one but TWO encores! My favorites were JESUS IS JUST ALRIGHT and LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.

Oh! And listen to this! We were sitting there waiting for the start and I saw on one of the projection screens “Want a really Rockin’ Seat? Text TWTRSWA to this number courtesy of Southwest Airlines” So I was bored and I did. Well I won! And we went from two HUGE sections back almost into the lawn seats to front seats and had access to the VIP section which had private bathrooms. I was so EXCITED! (You drink a foot long Margarita and tell me that you wouldn’t be too!).

Today I go see the grand daughters dance at 6PM but until then I think we may finish the Artisans trail that goes up 6A. It’s a perfect day for it.

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Lynryd Skynryd