Well, I finally got sick and tired of dropping off the internet, Outlook not remembering my password and Word not recognizing anything being copied for a paste unless Word was opened before the copy/cut. These reasons along with sluggish performance convinced me to just do a clean install of Vista and to get rid of the XP upgrade .. and so far it works. I can finally enjoy my computer again. There are some very odd things like the RUN box is now completely gone but a box labeled SEARCH is there and works like the RUN command prompt.

Also along with that upgrade I upgraded to Office 2007, which includes Microsoft Word. I hate it. They changed everything. Iím adjusting and after awhile I might even like it but right now they moved everything. Something as simple as FILE -> PRINT or FILE ->SAVE AS is missing. The FILE dropdown doesnít even exist, neither does HELP. Instead you have to flounder around looking for something called a Quick Access Bar and discover by right clicking it that it will give you access to all the old commands, not very intuitive. What is nice, is a very visual bar at the top for all kinds of things like formatting, which is commonly done but buried in a submenu in older versions.

As for my personal life, well, I had my 56th birthday, with my daughter who was born the same day, at a family picnic at my brotherís house on a pond. The day before that I watched him swim a mile in a mini triathlon. Did you know that an Ironman Triathlon has you swim 2 to 3 miles, bike about 120 miles and then run a full 26.2 mile marathon? I told the guys at the Moose and they, to a man, asked for another beer and a cigarette because it tuckered them out just thinking about it.

Fred and I went to 25 year old Joeís wake in New Hampshire. We knew the family. It was attended by hundreds of people. Fred and I drove two hours to see him one last time and say goodbye. Usually these things are small enough that people stay and visit and wait for whatever religious service is going to be performed but it was quickly evident that wasnít going to be possible in this case. There simply wasnít enough seating or parking. If the line didnít move and people get in their cars afterwards and leave then new people had no place to park and with the limited seating the Funeral Home's hallways would fill too tightly to preserve the line that was forming out the door and keeping a steady pace. We made our respects and left and drove another 2 hours back home. Iím happy that it was like that for his parents so they will know that Joe touched so many people and his life may have been short, but it was worthy.

In a more happy light I have managed to find a WII FIT game. Iíve been doing it for a week now and loving it! I wasnít serious about the food and drink I was consuming until after Labor Day but Iím dead serious now. Well, as serious as you can get doing something thatís good for you while having a BLAST! Seriously people you have to get one. This winter when all the walkers are freezing Iíll be rhythm stepping and Hula Hooping and being a penguin and doing Yoga and strength training with real advice just like a real trainer at a gym. I found out the hard way that too much virtual Hula hooping will leave all your core muscles aching but in a good way, enough to know youíre making a difference.

In another matter the lawyer called and I found out I go before the steering committee early next week about my wine and cheese shop. *crossing my fingers*

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Labor Day