Posting in this journal is always a trip. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say but most of the time I start writing about my life and just get carried off by a subject. Today Iím making a corned beef and cabbage dinner. I donít think Fred had too many of those. When he speaks of what his family used to commonly have itís mostly steak and potatoes, not even very much chicken. Itís a wonder their arteries didnít freeze up by 50 years old! Oh wait .. they did.

Weíre going to see Charlie Wilsonís war today. Personally, I think Iíd enjoy the Great Debaters more. I love a true story of justice and succeeding against all odds more than political intrigue but who knows maybe there is a little justice in Charlieís War. Weíll see at 2:40PM.

The buzz around here is the same question .. ďWhat are you doing for New Years Eve?Ē

Well every stinking year I go somewhere and Iíve always sworn Iíd do at least one New Yearís Eve in New York. Fred actually asked me to go and for some strange reason this year I just want to stay close to home. No reason at all. No premonitions. Nothing. Just a desire to not hang around in the cold outdoors, stay up too late, drink too much (in a strange environment) and then travel home on highways while battling the drunks for a lane they arenít weaving into.

Iíve finally gotten old .. ugh ..

I know Iím going to kick myself when midnight comes and Iím not watching the midnight performance of Government Mule in New York or going WOW! To the fireworks of First Night in Boston and instead Iím sitting on my arse at the Moose or home buried in quilts watching Dave Clarkís Rockiní New Yearís Eve Countdown live in New York on my TV and watching the ball drop at Times Square and then going to bed at 12:05 AM.

Where has my adventurousness gone? OMG! I really am getting old.

He even told me to get my passport and weíd go to Montreal. I suck. I just have no energy lately. The whole idea seems overwhelming. My New Yearís resolution is going to be to live well and eat properly and exercise regularly and find a way to do it that I enjoy because face it ..

If itís not fun it wonít get done and I need to become the old me fast!

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Old? Me?