Well, my girlfriend totally screwed up and now I have her dog, a nice golden retriever. But I really didn't want to have another dog and I hope this is temporary. She was going into foreclosure so she sold the house at the last possible minute for about what she had left on the mortgage for a payoff and rented a very cheap apartment in another state.

Two days before she is moving the person that was going to take her Golden reneged leaving her no time at all to find someone new. Her goal is to get the dog back so she doesn't want to surrender it to a rescue. She doesn't qualify to get her own dog back because she no longer has a fenced in yard or run.

So far my 11 pound dachsund is doing well with an 80 pound clumsy goofy golden but there is absolutely no room for a mistake. My dog would be seriously injured with just one bite. Marly shows no signs of aggression though so I'm starting to breathe again.

Gotta go work, Gotta run and I'm crossing my fingers that everything will be good while I'm gone.

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Marly & Me