So many things today. First of all I am a classy blogger thanks to L'Empress has nominated me for the

I am truly honored and I want to pass it on to her daughters Golfwidow and UD

Although they disagree on much I don't think they'll mind sharing something passed on from their Mother.

Secondly Fay emailed me and explained that Obama being the only viable candidate against McCain was just her personal gut feeling and that she's quite serious about wanting McCain defeated.

Considering Obama's recent sweep of Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington her gut may be more "on" than mine, unfortunately. This leaves Obama and Hillary in a virtual dead heat. I'm throwing my hands into the air. I have no idea what's going to happen between now and November anymore.

And of course my Republican brother is probably dancing in the aisles over this. The Republicans are supposed to be the party that's split, not the democrats!

*Boo Hoo!*

In any case today I am light hearted and happy. My new kitchen starts today. Today Joe (a Moose member and retired plumber) re-routes my baseboards so I can install my cabinets. Eventually it will be routed back into my kitchen with some under cabinet stuff that is a mystery to me but right now it's in the way and has to be moved.

Tomorrow, however is the really BIG, BIG, BIG change and my 5 foot garden window gets installed. By this time tomorrow all my kitchen walls, ceilings and cabinets will be down and I'll probably be freezing to death with this weather until Danny G (another Moose member) puts up my blue board and plaster.

I'm really excited about this and without Fred I'd be too afraid to take the financial risk. I need to take pictures of the before for you guys!

As for the cold, my car door was frozen shut this morning and Fred had to booty slam it to clear the seal of ice. One half hour later, after driving with the heat blasting I pulled in to Dunkin's and my window was still frozen shut. I wasn't the only one either. The three people in front of me all had their driver's doors open to accept/order their coffee. There are advantages to having an old fashioned crank window instead of an electric one. I just leaned on it really hard, but not enough to break it. I was really surprised that the window was so completely frozen after having the heat on for so long. BRRR!

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New Kitchen