Busy again at work! I'll keep it short.


Last night I wanted a slice of pizza for supper. I knew it was fattening but I had eaten a salad with low/nofat dressing and eaten celery sticks for snacks. I could afford the calories. It was a TREAT to myself. I toast it in my toaster oven and it comes out all crisp crust and bubbly cheese. It looks delicious. I take a nibble of crust mmmmm. I take a bite of cheese .. even better! I am wallowing in sensual yumminess and loving it.

But before I take another bite *phone rings* .. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! Every freakin' time I try to eat a nice supper that F'n phone goes off like it KNOWS. Oh wait! It's not the PHONE that knows, it's my MOTHER. Now I'm guilty of this myself with my daughter because the only damn time she's home is supper time or getting the kids off to school. I could choose to *not* answer it but it's my MOTHER and it might be important. It was very bad news but no one died, no one is in imminent (neener) danger. I could have called her back.

I return to my somewhat colder pizza but it's not too bad and I start again .. yumm cheese.



It's a high school friend. That might be important…. It's not, but she wants to taaaallkkkkk. I become almost nonresponsive to end the call without actually being rude. The problem she wants to work on is my dinner party a week and a half from now. She wants to discuss menus and recipes for it and I tell her that all I'm worrying about is Easter at this point and I'll get back to her. She rambles something about crabcakes but I don't respond and we eventually say goodbye.

Now for me anyways, a treat is a treat. It should be prefect or it's not a treat and I just wasted what the experience should have been and the extra calories aren't worth it. I want to be left alone for just 15 damn minutes to eat my hot pizza and then you can have my full attention. I turn to my almost cold pizza and with a little resentment burning I start to eat again. Except now it's no longer a treat. I just don't want to waste it. I take a bite ..



I answer the stupid phone ready to scald the ear off the bahstard that is ruining my treat .. my dinner … my guilty little cheat that SHOULD have been enjoyed. I'm ready to unload on the jerk and make him pay for the last two callers ..

HELLO? I growl with my lip raised in a snear ..

Grandma?? Is that you?

(Oops …. Immediate attitude change) Hello honey, what's up?

Grandma, are you coming to my band concert tonight?

Concert? Tonight?

Yes at 7:00. We're leaving now. Mom says she TOLD you! Did you forget me? I have a drum solo. Are you coming?

Of course dear! How could I forget? I'm getting ready now and will see you there.

Click ..

SHIT!! SHIT!! SHIT!! My congealed cheese pizza is now just something to choke down so I won't faint of hunger while I listen to this 2 hour concert. I have to get Fred ready, feed the dog and not forget my camera and drive there in the next 20 minutes …


And all I wanted was a cruddy piece of 400 calorie pizza

Back to work …
Oh yeah, and Happy freakin' spring

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