Ok, WTF is going on? I disappear for about three weeks and I come back and Jenn, that gay chick, is missing, or not missing but apparently hasnít posted since may (and I know thatís not right). Art is homeless, jobless, blogless and living in a shelter in San Francisco and yarnsmith has left the building. The Javelina hunt is in shambles and my room mate for it (kitchen logic) isnít attending anymore.

Now I wasnít there and didnít have Art panting after me or invading my private journal, also I am not Art and for all I know he insisted on leaving immediately but it occurs to me with the little that has been said publicly that a better solution could have been reached such as giving him a month to save for and find his own place. It seems that the person that he was staying with had been extremely good for him and a more positive experience could have been pulled out of this.

Then on top of that people started taking sides and thinking that everyone else was posting about *them* and taking comments wrong and to heart. Letís think if we can think of the last time this happened *cough* boxx, it wasnít so long ago and youíd think weíd learned our collective lesson by now.

I am not taking any sides but when the heck are we going to learn our lesson that not everything is about us and even when it *is* not everyone who sides with someone is siding for or against a group or an individual just because youíre friends with someone else? When are we going to realize that comments can be made without proper context because the body language or the tongue in cheek smile is missing?

And letís not forget that you deleted your whole journal without leaving a single contact for someone who may not visit everyday. Because one stinker hurt your feelings you eradicate and desert the 50 people that loyally read your journal and have read your journal for YEARS because they didnít read that week and instead catch up with you two weeks later. That is so selfish. If it wasnít for Google Reader caching your last tirades I wouldnít even know what had gone on and now Iím also missing the links I used off your blogroll because Iím too lazy to update mine. ( K-Lo and Cosmic if you ever leave I will lose half of my reads so warn me.)

It was bad enough when the mass exodus out of Diaryland happened but at least they kept their old journals with a link to their new journals on the old FREE page but this ďyou suck and hurt my feelings shit, so Iím deleting overnight with no warningĒ sucks. Itís a slap in the face to your friends as much as it is to your so called enemies.


BTW even if I didn't comment I am all caught up with all of you. It took a whole day though and I don't think I want to get that behind again!

And Duchessmoon have you changed your password and not told me? I can't read you anymore. Let me know what's happening. If you've shut down that's Ok but I just want to know that you're ok.

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